Upham Road Update August 2018 – Phase 1 Delays & Contractor’s Leaflet 3

Upham Road Update August 2018 – Phase 1 Delays & Contractor’s Leaflet 3

Councillors are disappointed with the news that Phase 1 of the Upham Road repair work is now 2 weeks behind schedule.

We are told that this is due to newly laid concrete cracking in the unexpectedly high temperatures and needing to be re-laid. Contractors Alun Griffiths are footing the bill for the work that needs to be done.

Work on Phase 1 of the project was estimated to finish August 13th at the time of writing.

Phase 2 is currently anticipated to start August 13th meaning there will be no through road to Drove Road from Upham Road.

Latest information

Please check any updated information from the contractors and the Council website for updates: www.swindon.gov.uk/Upham Road

Contractor Contact:

The Council have appointed Griffiths as the contractors to carry out the work. Their Public Liaison Officer for the Upham Road Improvement works is Jim Aitken. He can be contacted by

Telephone: 0330 041 4637*  (charges apply)

Latest Contractors Leaflet

Please read the leaflet attached from the contractors which we understand was delivered to residents in the Upham Road area recently.

The leaflet contains details of the Phase 1 delays, Phase 2 works, Refuge collection, and a Bus service update.

Let‘s hope the change in weather speeds up progress and means more pleasant working conditions for staff who have been working on Upham Road in the sweltering heat over the past few weeks.

Once again we thank the contractors for their hard work and residents for their patience whilst the work is carried out.

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