Upham Road Reconstruction Work:
Phase 2 Delayed to August 20th.

Upham Road Update August 2018 – Phase 2 Delayed to August 20th

Contractors have come across some unforeseen complications.

Councillors have been informed that contractors have come across some unforeseen complications that have caused further delay on completion of this section. These include the removal of old concrete base in Upham Road significantly thicker than anticipated including reinforced concrete sections and two incidents where old copper water pipes buried decades ago had burst and required visits by Thames Water to repair.

This has had a knock-on effect to the programme by a week which has shifted the date where Phase 1 will end, and Phase 2 will start.

Latest information

Please check any updated information from the contractors and the Council website for updates: www.swindon.gov.uk/Upham Road

Contractor Contact:

The Council have appointed Griffiths as the contractors to carry out the work. Their Public Liaison Officer for the Upham Road Improvement works is Jim Aitken. He can be contacted by

Telephone: 0330 041 4637*  (charges apply)

On the weekend of Saturday 18th August, contractors will be removing the existing traffic management on Phase 1, for Phase 2.

Please read the contractors update leaflet attached for full details of changes to traffic management and the impact for residents of Upham Road

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