Update from the Lydiard & Freshbrook Labour team

Trish Philpot Hails Progress on Hay Lane Safety

Following a campaign led by Parish Councillor, Trish Philpot, with local residents living near to Hay Lane Swindon Borough Council has finally agreed to bring in better signs and an advisory 20mph zone around the crossing in Hay Lane.

Although this is short of the measures requested by local resi-dents, the campaign has pressured the council to take matters involving school crossing safety seriously.

Several years ago a 14 year old suffered life effecting injuries at Hay Lane’s crossing and his mum worked with local residents and Trish to present a petition signed by more than 800 people to bring in traffic measures to Hay Lane.

West Swindon parish councillor Trish Philpot said:

“It will be welcome news for all the residents who attended public meetings, signed petitions and campaigned for measures to reduce traffic speeds along Hay Lane. Residents haven’t got every-thing they asked for but better signage, a more visible crossing and a recommended 20mph speed limit will no doubt help.” “Thank you to everybody who worked hard to get these safety measures in place. Swindon Council would not have agreed to these changes without you ensuring your voice was heard.”

West Swindon Updates

Hazelwood Academy School Safety Zone

Labour’s Toothill Councillors and residents have successfully lobbied the Council to put safety measures in place around Hazelwood Academy. The Conservative Council stopped the school having a lollipop person but has now been forced to agree to install a School Safety Environment Zone around the school that should deal with matters like school parking and traffic speeds.

Grounds Maintenance Delivery by Parish Council

West Swindon Parish Council are now self-delivering – through an in-house team – grounds maintenance and street cleaning services. Previously the Parish Council was using Swindon Council to deliver these services.

If an issue needs reporting then you can use the Request a Service form on the Parish website or contact the Parish Office on 01793 466418.

Bloomsbury Park Play Area

Thanks to lobbying from Trish Philpot, the play area was refurbished, including a makeover to the toddlers play area and the addition of a mini gym which has proved very popular!

Trish got repairs to the “birds nest” at Bloomsbury Park play area

Trish at Philpot Bloomsbury Park play area
Tim Makofu

Shelfinch Play Area Improvements

Toothill Labour Parish Councillor, Tim Makofu, has successfully got West Swindon Parish Council to improve this play area. More traditional play equipment has been added including swings and slides together with improvements to the goal ends and the tarmac of the ball court.

Disability accessible equipment has also been added to Shelfinch Play Area.