The NHS needs its diverse workforce

"This is no NHS crisis, it's a Tory created crisis." So says NHS pundit and Labour member - Alan McGuire

The Daily Mail and it’s right wing media cronies will try to blame the current NHS crisis on health tourism. There are more people of a foreign background supporting the NHS than crippling it.

Of many families that I supported in the community looking after their relatives, The Indian, Polish, Italian and Iranian families were the families that wanted less and supported their family members at home for longer SAVING the NHS money.

Many English families wanted everything available and wanted to put their elderly relatives into care when they did not always need it, COSTING the tax payer money. This is a generalisation of both sides but an opinion of someone working on the frontline nonetheless.

To anyone who voted Tory in the last election please think again next time you vote. By putting this government into power, you will have condemned the NHS to death and the rest of us to private health care. Labour created the NHS and will bring it back to life. This maybe the NHS last hope. Vote Labour to save it.

Theresa May needs to stop trying to make the NHS look like a failing service from the inside out and the people need to hold the government accountable for their failure of the NHS. This is no NHS crisis, it’s the Tory created crisis.

The majority of NHS staff in England are British, around 139,000 out of 1.2 million staff report a non-British nationality. This is 12.5% of all staff for whom a nationality is known, or one in every eight.