Swindon Labour group calling for food justice champion to lead on tackling food poverty locally.

The Labour group on Swindon Borough Council is putting forward a motion to Thursday’s Council meeting calling for the Council to appoint a Cabinet member to act as a food justice champion, who will lead on tackling food poverty locally.

The Food Justice champion would be responsible for setting up a food partnership to bring together groups from across Swindon to address the causes of food poverty.

Labour Cllr. Paul Dixon,  who will move the motion at Thursday’s meeting, said:

“With the number of food parcels being handed out rising by 88% last year, it’s clear that we need to act now to tackle the causes of food poverty. As we’ve seen with the recent free school meals campaign, which Labour fully supported, tackling food poverty is an issue which I think a lot of people care about.

“There are many organisations in communities across Swindon that have done such great work since the start of the pandemic. This is about recognising this positive work and bringing them together to form a new food partnership.

“This motion is about appointing a new Cabinet Member to bring together community organisations, food banks etc. to ensure we do everything we can to bring about food justice to people in Swindon. I hope the Conservatives will support this.”