Roads, Paths and Infill Building in Shaw

by Simon Firth

My team and I have spent a lot of time recently walking and cycling around Shaw, and we appreciate the network of foot and cycle paths through the ward and the amount of green space that people can enjoy.

We have heard from you about difficulties for children in prams and wheelchair users. We are keen to see efficient LED lighting installed which both saves energy and lasts longer, and we are reporting streetlamps that are not working and other safety issues to the StreetSmart team.

We will push to reduce congestion on Mead Way and other routes through West Swindon, but not waste money on expensive junction schemes that just shift the problem around.

We are also concerned to maintain a balance between housing and loss of green space. While not wanting to interfere with suitable  sustainable development, we are keen to maintain green spaces that people value and object to unsuitable developments.