Peter Bates – Labour Candidate For Chiseldon and Lawn

Peter is fed up with residents having to pay more and more for less and less.

Reduced Services and Higher Local Taxes Continue

It is time for change in Swindon.
For 15 years the Tory-run Council has been letting Swindon down. The Tories kept Council Tax down to win your votes until last year, when their mismanagement hit crisis point and Swindon residents were served with the highest Council Tax increase in the country – over 10%.

Now, you are paying more for less.
Swindon is the only town of its size with no Sure Start Children’s Centres. A Labour Council will bring Sure Start back. Early intervention,
available to all who need it, has been shown to improve outcomes for children and their parents, reducing their need for mental health and social services in the future.

A Labour Council will ensure that your Council Tax is spent efficiently on the local services you need, on finally regenerating our town centre and heritage buildings, and reversing the trend of growing inequality that sees life expectancy differ by over 12 years between the richest and the poorest in the Borough.

Labour's policies are ones that serve to make Swindon and the villages better for everyone.