Labour’s plan to kick-start Swindon’s post-COVID economy

Swindon Labour's plan to kick-start Swindon’s post-COVID economy

The Swindon Labour group has published a wide-ranging ‘recovery plan’ aimed at kick-starting Swindon’s economy and modernising Swindon Borough Council. The 8-point plan encourages greater cross-Party working and to improve community participation in decision making.

The 8 headings in the plan are:

  • Securing the Council’s finances
  • Modernising the Council & reimagining local services
  • Supporting the most vulnerable
  • Business and the local economy
  • Housing regeneration and development
  • Arts, culture and heritage
  • Climate change and the green economy
  • Developing a community participation strategy

Read the Swindon Labour group's recovery plan to kick-start Swindon’s post-COVID economy

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Speaking about the plan, Cllr. Jim Grant, leader of the Labour group on Swindon Borough Council, said:

“Both at a national and a local level Labour is offering to work constructively with the Conservatives to get through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. This set of proposals is meant as a genuine attempt to begin a discussion within Swindon Borough Council, but most importantly with our communities.

This is a time of great political and economic uncertainty; unfinished UK-EU trade talks, the ongoing situation with coronavirus and the looming Honda plant closure will all affect Swindon.

This is a comprehensive set of proposals, from modernising Swindon Borough Council, to supporting our high streets and local businesses; from housing and caring for the most vulnerable, to supporting the green economy and preserving our town’s heritage.

This plan is a way of saying – Labour has a plan for Swindon post-COVID. I hope the Conservatives will take us up on our offer and engage in constructive discussions about the future of Swindon.”