Re-Elect Junab Ali
Central Swindon Labour Candidate

A Better Way for Central and Swindon

Junab Ali says:
I am grateful for the support you have given me over the years and I am looking for your support again on May 3rd to continue as one of your local councillors.

By voting for a Labour Council you will end the cycle of mediocrity and failure from a Conservative Administration. It is plain for visitors to see deteriorating areas, poor planning and an empty town centre. The Conservative Administration record of failures also cannot be blamed on anyone else. They appointed MUSE and Moira, they set up Digital City, Seqol and Swindon Direct Services. This incompetence now threatens Milton Road Baths, the Mechanics and Lydiard Park. A Labour Council will reverse this by rebuilding our Town based our heritage and up-to-date, green infrastructure developments.

Whilst the Conservatives are always promising jam tomorrow the reality is they have delivered very little except wasted opportunity and tax payers money. What is galling, is over the last two years, locally the Swindon’s Conservative Administration have set the highest percentage local tax rises in the country whilst borrowing more and more.

Vote Junab Ali and Labour on May 3rd to get a Labour Council and the change you need.