Jeremy Corbyn came to Swindon to meet NHS workers

Today was all about the NHS, Jeremy listened intently as nurses talked about the pressures they face.

Nurses working on ICU, giving all the care they have yet paying for parking and seeing the price of living go up whilst their wages don’t.

Nurses are relying on foodbanks.

Nurses who spoke on the benefit of having nurses from oversees but some of the frustrations they have with the process.

Stories of the ancillary staff those that cook and clean for the hospital being denied leave and instead offered it in 2 hourly blocks, ‘They can’t go away with that?!’ chuckled Jeremy.

Mental health nurses talking about patients having to be admitted in Manchester from Wiltshire, as they were no local beds.

Community nurses saying the pressure in the community is so great they’ve returned to work in the hospital.

Our wards are now so full that the overflow means corridor nurses caring for eight patients lining the corridor.

He listened and asked for solutions, ideas were put forward on recruiting and hospital management.

Jeremy ended saying the NHS needs to stay in public ownership run by the public for the public.