Janine Howarth
Labour Candidate for Liden, Eldene & Park South

Janine Howarth has been selected as the Labour Candidate for Liden, Eldene & Park South Ward.

Janine has lived in Swindon for nearly 30 years and both of her children have grown up here. She used to be a teacher and has taught in many schools in Swindon including Eldene Infants.

Janine is currently the Vice- Chair of South Swindon Parish Council, serving many communities including Park South.

Janine Howarth says:

Crime has increased in Swindon and Wiltshire by 10% over the last year. This follows the government cutting police officer numbers by 20,000 across the country.

Despite crime increasing in Liden, Eldene and Park South the local police presence in Swindon is one of the lowest in the country for its population. In 2017 a public meeting in Eldene was held about rising crime and residents explained how police didn’t have the resources to follow up some crimes in the town.

Labour have campaigned for 10,000 more police officers to be employed nationwide. This would have a significant effect on the policing presence across Swindon.

Vote for Janine Howarth and Labour on May 3rd to get a Labour Council and the change you need.