Forward Swindon Back In Council Building, But Still a Private Company

The location of Forward Swindon has been moved back within the Council Offices in Watt Tyler House, after 8 years of operation outside of the Council. However the Conservative administration are still keeping Forward Swindon as a registered private company.

The Swindon Labour Group has held a long established position of bringing the functions of Forward Swindon back within the responsibility of Swindon Council, rather than have a private company fulfilling these functions.

At the February Budget Meeting the Labour Group proposed a budget amendment that would save Swindon taxpayers £80K per year by bringing back the functions of Forward Swindon in-house.

The Leader of the Swindon Labour Group, Cllr Jim Grant, said:

Councillor Jim Grant at Okus Road
“I welcome the fact the Conservatives have recognised that they have wasted taxpayers money by paying for Forward Swindon to have its own offices. And they now have brought Forward Swindon back within the Council building.

However we now have the nonsense of paying for Forward Swindon to remain a private company, while they are working within the Council Offices alongside other Council Officers. It is frankly a farcical situation.

We have been told that Forward Swindon coming back within the council building is a good thing as it will promote greater synergies through closer working, and that Forward Swindon will be able to work more closely with council officers.

These are all very good reasons why Forward Swindon should be wound up and their functions should be the responsibility of the Council.”