Eldene Police Meeting – June 20th 2018

Invited by Councillor Chris Watts, Inspector David Hobman & Community Coordinator officer Phil Day came to meet & discuss crime and policing with Eldene residents.

We were informed by Inspector Hobman and Police community officer Phil Day of all the good work beginning to have an impact on Eldene.

Action successful recently on mini motors.  Proactive work under Section 23 Warrants re drug activity were successful. Addressing some of the problems that have been occurring in Eldene.

Burglaries & Car theft – prolific offenders have been taken to court. Often is it only one or two individuals. This recent action has had an effect.

Resources are limited. Foot patrols are rarer due to limitations & the changing nature of crime, much of it beginning online.

Local intelligence is so valuable, we know it because we live it , keep reporting.

Reporting helps demonstrate the need and builds the picture making action successful.  If you can, do give names through crime stoppers anonymously.

There have been improvements to the 101 system. Online reporting is coming.
Thank you to all who came along. The beginning of a positive relationship between Police Ward  Councillor and residents.

Going forward if there’s issues you’d like us to raise, please do get in touch.