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Covid 19: Key Information

In order to protect Swindon from a future Covid-19 outbreak, a Local Outbreak Management Plan has been established. The response is under local control, but success depends on resident’s cooperation.

Until a vaccine is found we all need to support the effort to limit and control the spread of the virus. We know the virus is passed from one person to another either through touch, air particles or indirectly by residue. Only by changing our behaviour can the chain of exchange be stopped. Our best defence is cooperation and following the guidelines by social distancing, washing our hands if needed isolation.

If you feel unwell or you live with someone with Coronavirus symptoms you should get tested as quickly as possible. You need to self-isolate immediately and all members of the household must also self-isolate unless the symptomatic individual receives a negative test result.

Get a free NHS test to check if you have coronavirus


Rajhia’s Report

We have seen no further highway designs for Wootton Bassett Road to enable use of the Newburn Sidings.

There is further evidence of wildlife in the area. New signs are going up on Redpost Drive to warn drivers of animals crossing the road.

Whilst the temporary cycleways in the Town Centre have not have all been a success, new cycleways are needed. We will bring forward alternative proposals that we hope will get support.

After numerous attempts Junab is now on the Town Centre Deal Board. An application has been made to secure £25 million for the Town centre. Junab will seek to ensure that the money is spent well if the £25 million is secured.

Adorabelle and Ward Councillors have raised many Corona queries with the Councils Health Officers. We will be working closely in the coming months to lower the spread. Plans include speaking to local businesses, employees, taxi drivers and residents.

Town Centre Demise

The Conservative Administration have been tasked with regenerating the Town Centre for over 15 years. All they appeared to have done is simply move existing facilities from one place to another. They messed up Whale Bridge and have delivered a crumbling Car Park and Excuses.

In desperation we have seen the local MP’s and the Town Centre Cabinet Member making appeals for investment and reimagining of the new Town Centre. We agree it needs serious changes but they have had this responsibility for many years and failed to deliver. As Junab pointed out, this Administration rejected a regeneration scheme proposed by Dr Laurie Marsh whilst providing no viable alternatives.

The Administration are pinning their hopes on a new Bus Station (called a Boulevard) and the new Zurich building. Whilst we welcome investment in the Town this completely misses the point; the Town Centre lacks the heart and soul which gives a place a unique identity and sets it apart helping to bring success.

The council are bidding to get a Town Centre Deal grant worth £25 million from the Government. The proposed use of this money looks like schemes the council have previously failed to deliver. In our view this is the opportunity to reimagine the Town Centre. There are outstanding projects such as a new Theatre, Art Gallery and Museum that need to be delivered. This is an opportunity to revitalise empty shops, reinvent the Wharf Green and Town Hall area, look at using the Morrisons building for alternative use, replace our bland stereotype spaces with parks and children’s play areas and breathe revitalised energy into the Town.

We will work with residents to give heart and soul to the Town, work with the Town Centre Deal Board, utilise the Town Centre Masterplan but chiefly work with our residents and those who care about delivering the changes that are needed to improve the Town Centre.

South Swindon Parish Council

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