Swindon Borough Councillors

This page describes the work of Swindon Borough Council’s Labour Councillors.  You can find a full list of Councillor’s on SBC’s website.  You can also use this interactive map to find the Ward boundaries.

This page gives stories related to Labour Councillors.

The wards are split over North and South Swindon constituencies.  All Labour Councillors are listed below for completeness, with an indication of whether the ward is in the North or South constituency.  The Councillors are collectively known as the Labour Group.  Where a Councillor is the spokesperson for the Labour Group on a particular topic that is shown in brackets.

Central (South)

  • Junab Ali (Crime Prevention and Public Safety)
  • Adorabelle Sheikh (Community and Culture)

Eastcott (South)

  • Paul Dixon (Children’s Social Care and Education)
  • Imtiyaz Shaikh
  • Marina Strinkovsky

Gorsehill & Pinehurst (North)

  • John Ballman
  • Ray Ballman (Adult Social Care and Public Health)
  • Carol Shelley

Liden, Eldene & Park South (South)

Mannington & Western (split North and South)

  • Steph Exell
  • Jim Robbins (Chair of Scrutiny Committee)
  • Kevin Small (Economy, Job Creation and Finance)

Old Town (South)

  • Jane Milner-Barry (Climate and Transport)
  • Nadine Watts

Penhill & Upper Stratton (North)

  • Claire Crilly

Rodbourne Cheney (South)

  • Jim Grant (Leader of Labour Group)
  • Peter Watts

Walcot & Park North (South)

  • Abdul Amin (Deputy Mayor)
  • Emma Bushell (Deputy Leader and Organisational Oversight)
  • Jamal Miah

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