Individual Blogs

This page contains the musings of members of South Swindon Labour Party.  If you would like to contribute please contact the Social Media Officer.

Vision for the future?

I have to admit when the idea of parish councils across Swindon was mooted, I was a cynic. Oh come on, you were too, weren’t you? I felt it was just a way of Swindon Borough Council passing the buck; a way of them to pass responsibilities on to someone else. But I’m pleased to […]

For Green Policies, Vote Labour on 6th May

We support all the policies, most of which had already appeared in our Labour manifesto.  We share with the Green Party a commitment to cycling and public transport, retrofitting our housing stock, encouraging biodiversity and training / retraining Swindon people for the green jobs of the future.

Swindon Labour Motion against “No-Fault” evictions in the private sector wins government backing

Earlier this month Swindon’s Labor Councillors brought a motion to council calling for an end to no-fault evictions to give greater security to private tenants. Despite the Conservative councillors calling it “dangerous” and voting against it, our motion was passed.


Swindon is facing a housing crisis, caused by a mix of damaging national government policies and the inaction of the local Conservative led council. Since 2010 home ownership in Swindon has declined and rented accommodation has become increasingly unaffordable for many.  More people are sleeping rough on our streets and the number of families in [...]

Swindon Deserves Better

Imagine a visit to Swindon town centre, battling through traffic jams and badly designed junctions to find an over-priced parking space in a newly built car park that is already starting to fall apart, despite being mostly empty. As you walk past increasing numbers of homeless people and struggle to find an open shop amongst […]