Individual Blogs

This page contains the musings of members of South Swindon Labour Party.  If you would like to contribute please contact the Social Media Officer.

Vision for the future?

I have to admit when the idea of parish councils across Swindon was mooted, I was a cynic. Oh come on, you were too, weren’t you? I felt it was […]

For Green Policies, Vote Labour on 6th May

We support all the policies, most of which had already appeared in our Labour manifesto.  We share with the Green Party a commitment to cycling and public transport, retrofitting our housing stock, encouraging biodiversity and training / retraining Swindon people for the green jobs of the future.

Swindon Labour Motion against “No-Fault” evictions in the private sector wins government backing

Earlier this month Swindon’s Labor Councillors brought a motion to council calling for an end to no-fault evictions to give greater security to private tenants. Despite the Conservative councillors calling it “dangerous” and voting against it, our motion was passed.


Swindon is facing a housing crisis, caused by a mix of damaging national government policies and the inaction of the local Conservative led council. Since 2010 home ownership in Swindon [...]

Swindon Deserves Better

Imagine a visit to Swindon town centre, battling through traffic jams and badly designed junctions to find an over-priced parking space in a newly built car park that is already […]