Your Views Sought on Changes to How Swindon Council Is Run.

There is a proposal to change the current method of Running The Council to the Strong leader Model, which means, having the same leader elected by councillors to run the council for a 4 year period.

A Public Notice was placed in the Swindon Advertiser on 27th August 2010 seeking the views from the public on the Council’s Governance arrangements by 5th October 2010. hard copy consultation leaflets were placed in the Central Library and the Civic Offices. It was also on the council’s website. Only 69 replies were received to the consultation.

The Council’s Corporate Governance Review Working Group concluded that this demonstrated that there was no strong evidence to indicate popular enthusiasm for either available option. Therefore, with one councillor dissenting, the Working Group recommended the adoption of the strong leader-cabinet option.

On 29th November the Swindon Advertiser carried a notice from the council informing people that the proposal is available for public inspection until Thursday 16th December 2010. That night at 7pm there will be a meeting of the full council to decide on the report and which Model to use.

I urge readers to contact their local councillor to give their views or opinions on the proposal. If anyone in Toothill & Westlea wishes to give me their views please feel free to email me at or write to me at the Council Offices, Euclid St, Swindon SN1 2JH by 16th December 2010. Alternatively contact or call Ian directly on 01793 463601

Steve Wakefield
Councillor Toothill & Westlea