Your Labour Candidates in Central Ward

Candidates for Central ward are Junab ALI, bob Writght and Julie WRIGHT

Julie Wright has joined Junab Ali and bob Wright as part of the Central Labour Action team who will be standing for election in Central.

Julie has a wide depth of experience working with and representing the residents of Central. For the past 15 years she has assisted and supported the residents of Swindon and Central as a caseworker for the South Swindon MPs Julia Drown and Anne Snelgrove.

An introduction to Julie

I am delighted to continue to work for the residents of Central. Through casework I have built up many good relationships and friendships across the ward. In these tough times Labour’s beliefs and values are now needed more than ever, to protect the vulnerable and the poor, to ensure the local economy grows, to provide opportunities, to build housing and to keep the streets safe and clean.

Too many times the Tories have by-passed communities on key decisions. We will consult, listen and represent the views of Swindon residents.

The Tories have cut bus and care services and have failed to tackle effectively fly tipping, litter, dogs mess, pot holes and noise. Instead they have chosen to waste money on ‘pie in the sky’ projects such as wi-fi, the Canal project and the Tabernacle stones.

You can contact the Central Labour Team via email on