Wichelstowe News from Nadine Watts, July 2012

Read on for an update for Wichelstowe residents on the construction of a local store, play area and community centre, and on TV and internet provision in Wichelstowe.

Old Town Labour will keep you updated on all these matters.

LOCAL STORE – At the last East Wichel Community Meeting in April, Taylor Wimpey suggested that construction of a local store may start at the end of 2012. Old Town Labour understand that due to the economic climate and until there is a critical mass of occupied properties in East Wichel, that this has caused problems in securing an operator. The local store will be 838 sq m and have 23 car parking spaces.

COMMUNITY CENTRE – work is scheduled to start in the third week of August and it should be finished in January 2013.

TV PROVISION – Following a meeting on 18 June, Seethelight are currently in discussions with a number of other internet service providers and are confident that there will be additional choice of internet/telephone providers for residents within the next 3 months.

PLAY AREA – the presentation back in the Spring to a residents’ group was well received. Next, drawings will be worked on and presented to local residents. The build should start late winter and open late spring.

MIDDLE AND WEST WICHEL – The design codes are available at www.wichelstowe.co.uk

Old Town Labour will keep you updated on all these matters.