West Swindon Parish?

Swindon Council is seeking to implement new Parish Councils across Swindon. West Swindon is affected by these plans which will:

  • Result in a Parish Precept adding £75 to your bill
  • Transfer services from Swindon Borough Council to Parish Councils
  • Lose economies of scale through the Borough Council’s buying power
  • Cost you more money for less services

This is in addition to an expected council- tax rise from the Borough Council and overall you will be subject to a rise in your council-tax bills of around £120.

Conservatives Councillors are seeking to do this to avoid a referendum to raise people’s Council Tax by over 2%. This is a backdoor stealth tax and double taxation for services you already pay for. This is profoundly undemocratic. I am committed to ensuring residents have their say in a referendum.