Walcot West to Become 20 MPH Zone – Traffic Consultation Update

Councillors Steve Allsopp, Abdul Amin and Emma Bushell are pleased to announce that Walcot West will become a 20 MPH Zone after residents approved the plan.

79% of the 124 residents who replied to the Council’s Consultation were in favour of the proposals.

The scheme will go to formal advertisement by the end of November, with the aim of implementing the scheme by the end of the financial year.

However, proposed Limited Waiting in the streets off Burford Avenue will not be going ahead.

With the exception of one street, only 24% of residents who responded were in favour of the scheme.

A majority of residents in Bampton Grove did return a majority in favour of the measures. However, disproportionate costs and the risk of moving the problem elsewhere means Council policy does not allow for measures to be introduced for single streets. Even including the Bampton Grove responses, only  43% of respondents were in favour of Limited Waiting.

As a consensus view has not been reached by residents in the last 3 years on any proposed scheme Councillors and officers have agreed not to go ahead with any further proposals until there is a clear way forward.

Cllr Emma Bushell said: “We are delighted that Walcot West will soon become a 20 MPH Zone and hope this will improve road safety in the area. We would like to thank residents for their patience while Councillors and officers worked to find solutions to various concerns that have been raised by residents over traffic and parking issues in the area.

Cllr Amin said: “We realise that some residents will be disappointed that Limited Waiting measures or their preferred traffic management suggestion will not go ahead and we are sorry that we have not been able to make everyone who has contacted us about this issue happy. However, it has proved impossible to reach a consensus on any measure proposed other than the 20 MPH Zone. We would like to thank all the residents who participated in the consultation process”