Walcot West Parking & Traffic

Local Councillors Abdul, Emma and Steve are continuing to press for progress on parking and traffic issues in Walcot West.
Councillors have recently been informed that progress has been delayed by staff shortages within the council department. We have, however, been assured that plans will be available to us by the end of the month.
At a public meeting in April Cllr Allsopp’s suggestion that a 20 MPH speed restriction be imposed throughout the ward were greeted enthusiastically by the majority of residents in attendance.

At April’s public meeting Cabinet Member for parking Councillor Perkins raised residents’ expectations of a quick solution to the problem. He promised "swift action" on proposals and it was stated that a meeting for ward councillors to approve the proposals would be held within 28 days.
However, local Councillors subsequently heard nothing from either the Cabinet member or council officers since and have been left chasing the issue.

Cllr Emma Bushell said:

“We are frustrated that progress has stalled again on Walcot West parking proposals despite promises made to the public by the Cabinet Member for parking at a meeting in April. We are also frustrated at the lack of communication with ward councillors subsequent to this meeting. We will continue to press to ensure that the £25,000 secured for traffic alleviation in the ward is committed to projects as soon as possible. We are also mindful of the divergent views of residents on some of the alleviation measures proposed and the need to ensure the money is spent on something which will make a difference and have the approval of the majority of residents.”