Walcot West Parking Consultation Announced: 20 MPH zone for Walcot West; Limited Waiting Proposals for Burford Avenue area

Letters regarding plans to introduce a 20 MPH zone in Walcot West are being delivered  to residents this week.
The 20MPH zone was suggested by Cllr Steve Allsopp at a pubic meeting in April and were widely supported by those present. The plans would see a 20 MPH speed limit on all roads on Walcot West. We believe this would address many of the concerns about road safety raised by local residents.
Residents in the Burford Avenue area will receive information regarding additional proposals to introduce Limited Waiting restrictions on Langford Grove, Bampton Grove, Norton Grove and Alvescot Road.
These proposals result from various consultations over the last 2-3 years.
The consultation period runs until Friday 9th September.
It would be helpful if both residents both for and against the proposals could formally respond to the consultation process to generate an accurate picture of the public response
Councillors  appreciate that there are differing views on traffic issues in the ward.
The 20 MPH speed limit and Limited Waiting schemes are both stand alone and it is possible to go ahead with one but not the other.
Both sets of proposals are dependent on the council coming through with money previously committed to the ward and promised at April’s public meeting.
Councillors and officers are currently assessing the response to the recently closed consultation on parking proposals for the Salcombe Grove and Upham Road area. These are separate proposals responding to residents’ concerns about potential increased parking resulting from the scheduled PlayFootball development at Churchfields Academy. We will update residents on the outcome of this exercise as soon as we are able.