Walcot and Park North update from your local councillors Emma Bushell, Abdul Amin and Steve Allsopp

Library Consultation  –  Parks Library and Walcot Library still under threat

A Swindon wide consultation on local libraries which threaten the closure of both Parks and Walcot library finished in September.
Emma, Steve and Abdul supported a community led campaign to Save Parks Library. A clear case has been made to the Council that Parks Library is a well-used, well-loved library which clearly benefits the community which needs to be kept open.
However, we fear that Tory Councillors have already made up their minds and won’t listen to voices from within the community.
The final decision on the future of Libraries will not be made by the Tory Cabinet until December. In the meantime local councillors will continue to talk to people from the council and the community about retaining a library service in the area.
We are hopeful that signatures collected as part of the Save Parks Library will force a debate at the next Full Council Meeting in November.

Bin Collection

Swindon Borough Council has announced plans to change rubbish and collection days across Swindon. Look out for a letter advising you of any changes. You can also go to their website http://www.swindon.gov.uk/bins and enter your postcode to check.
All residents are asked to ensure their rubbish is out before 06.30 am on the day of collection.

Scheduled Roadworks for Beaufort Green and Bisley Close

Road Resurfacing work is scheduled for Beaufort Green in Park North (expected to start 31 Oct for two days), and Bisley Close in Walcot (expected to start 31 Oct for two days).
Short-term road closures will be required to complete the works, but access to properties will be provided at all times.
Please see  the Swindon Highway News for updates http://us13.campaign-archive2.com/?u=a4de2247d86308af2a3382843&id=64e5bb2870&e=a9d0a119c4

Parishes threat to Walcot and Park North

Emma, Abdul and Steve held meetings last month to update residents on Tory proposals to make Walcot and Park North part of a new parish council or mini-council. We organised a vote as part of the meetings to canvas residents views. Out of a total of 47 people who attended the meetings, all but one voted against the proposal.
Despite this result being mirrored both at Labour Councillors’ meetings across Swindon and the public response at the council’s own consultation meetings, we are concerned that the Tories plan to use their majority to vote through their Parishing plans in November. They have never bothered to come up with an alternative plan to fill their current financial black-hole. This comes despite opposition from the local MP and the announcement of a Central Government consultation on Parishing which calls the viability of the scheme into further question.
Labour believes there should be no parishing without a referendum of residents and have called for the process to be slowed down in the light of new questions raised by both Central government and local councillors and residents.
We are concerned that Parishing will mean back-door tax increases of more than £100 for many households and a worse level of basic services for residents.

Walcot Parking and Traffic –update

The consultation on traffic proposals for Walcot West has now finished.  Councillors are working with Highways Officers to analyse the results and drive forward those measures which are supported by a majority of residents.

The consultation proposed a 20mph speed limit for the Walcot West area. A separate consultation proposed introducing “No Waiting Mon-Fri 10am-12noon” on roads off of Burford Avenue.

Progress on this issue have been delayed as previous consultations have not established clear support for measures previously proposed. We have had to fight hard to retain money that was originally committed to traffic measures for the area. We are hoping to announce new schemes soon but want to make sure things are done right and have the support of a majority of residents.

Please contact us on these or other issues:

Councillor Steve Allsopp Tel 01793 343708 jean.norris1@ntlworld.com

Councillor Abdul Amin Tel 07921 269301 abdulamin22@gmail.com

Councillor Emma Bushell Tel 07876 430582 emmabushell@yahoo.co.uk