Walcot and Park North Grass Cutting Update

An exceptionally mild and wet winter has left many of the grass areas in the ward exceptionally long and water-logged.
Areas are scheduled to be cut every 4 weeks but this cannot always happen if the ground is too wet as it can cause damage.
The Council has advised that the length of grass means there may be clippings left after cuts. Please report any accumulations of grass clippings that fall onto footpaths or the highway and that may cause a hazard to the public as these will be removed by the council.

Grass is scheduled to be cut across the ward over the next few weeks but the Council website is now advising that cutting in the East of Swindon is behind schedule

The next scheduled grass cuts are:

20/06/2016 Walcot West & Walcot East
27/06/2016 Park North

See here for further details:


Please contact councillors and the Council’s Streetsmart service if you notice any areas where the length of grass may pose a safety risk i.e. obscuring visibility across roads and roundabouts: