Update on plans to Parish Walcot and Park North

  • Tory council pushes ahead with plans for parishes despite residents’ objections
  • Local councillors announce meeting on Parishes at Immanuel Church on Wednesday September 28th at 6.00 pm.

Local Councillors Steve Allsop, Abdul Amin and Emma Bushell are angry and upset that the Tory Council are continuing to ignore the outcome of pervious consultation meetings and impose Parish Councils across Swindon.

Emma Bushell said: “It is not right that 30 Tory Councillors, who mostly represent un-affected areas, should ride roughshod over local people against clear feedback that Parishes in urban Swindon are not wanted. The introduction of Parishes is likely to further reduce service levels in street cleaning and grounds maintenance and cost an additional  £100 on top of local Council Tax“

Local councillors  believe that it should be resident’s choice whether or not Parishes are  introduced. Steve, Abdul and Emma also fear that the current proposals are the thin end of the wedge and other services may be well be passed to Parish Councils .

The next stage of consultation on the areas covered by each Parish is now open to further consultation, closing at the end of September. Further information about the proposals for our area can be found at http://www.swindon.gov.uk/parishes and residents can register their views.

Your local Councillors will be holding meetings to update and seek residents' views on the proposals and the best way forward.
The first  meeting will be at Immanuel Church on Wednesday September 28th at 6.00 pm.

Councillors are working to organise meetings in the Walcot East and Park area in October.  Please keep an eye on these pages  or our facebook page for meeting details.