Update on 25 Croft Road – Planning Application S/15/1885

Planning permission has now been granted for 25 Croft Road. It is going to be used by Gurkha veterans.

I understand that 25 Croft Road has been empty for over 10 years. I, like others, welcome this building being brought back into use. I am pleased that some of the trees are protected as they are subject to a tree preservation order.

Some local residents expressed concerns regarding an 11 unit development with only 5 parking spaces allocated on site, when parking is already an issue in the area. There were also concerns that this would set a precedent. This is why I, as a local councillor, called for the planning application to be considered at planning committee in March. I think that this development of 11 units with 5 parking spaces only works for a very limited and/or specific use and I believe this will work for the Gurkha Association.

I am pleased to see that the planning application has been granted upon the completion of a planning obligation to ensure tenants of the property do not own or use cars and subject to the conditions set out in the planning report.

I believe that the Gurkha Association will make excellent neighbours and contribute positively to the local community.

Please let me know if you have any comments on this or any other matter.