Update from your Liden, Eldene and Park South Councillors

Road Safety
Concerns that have been raised regarding parking on the junctions along Eldene Drive. We understand that a study to identify which junctions are affected will be undertaken this year, with the possibility of parking restrictions if necessary. Please be aware meanwhile regarding parking as pedestrians do cross Eldene Drive.

Thank you to all who completed the consultation on the libraries either on paper or online. We now wait what is planned although what is clear is that the library strategy sees our library budget cut from the £2.6m it is now to £1.5m by 2020. This is a hugely concerning time for all those who use our libraries regularly and work within them.  Please do continue to support our local libraries.

There have been a number of incidents where needles and syringe equipment have been left at our play parks both in Liden and Eldene and around Eldene Community Centre. The council and the Police are aware. We are seeking an early resolution of this major concern. But please be aware and be vigilant especially as with the warmer weather more of our children will be out playing. If you would like to report a concern do contact us or the council on 01793 445501 or E-mail: customerservices@swindon.gov.uk or the Police on Tel 111 Email swindoneastnpt@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Street Cleaning
Over the past 6 years the budget for street cleaning has fallen dramatically, leading to a big decline in the service. As a result of the budget proposed by Cabinet, litter picking is no longer taking place routinely but purely on a need to have basis. We have regularly asked for areas to be cleaned in particular around footpaths and Shaftesbury Lake. If you see an area that needs street cleaning do contact the streetsmart team as above or let us know.