Update from your Liden, Eldene and Park South Councillors

New Parish Councils
New Parish councils are now being formed with Liden and Eldene joining Nythe Parish. Councillor Derique Montaut aims to join Nythe parish as he is concerned that Liden and Eldene residents will be under-represented on the parish during this year’s precept setting process. Thank you to those who have come forward interested in becoming parish councillors too. More parish councillors will still be needed. It is important for Eldene and Liden to have adequate representation as decisions will be made that affect us all.
Could you become a parish councillor? Do get in touch if you feel you can be part of this going forward or to be kept up to date.
Parking and GWH
Councillors Derique Montaut and Chris Watts met with a representative of GWH regarding the parking of GWH staff in Liden. They expressed residents’ concerns about the parking problems around Liden as a result of staff and patients having to pay for parking at the hospital.

Anti-Social Behaviour
There are a number of areas where there has been groups of people causing consistent anti-social behaviour. As evenings get lighter and the weather improves we will be monitoring this and encourage you all to contact the police on Tel 101 to raise crime concerns and do also involve the councils anti-social behaviour team on Tel 445500. Eldene and Liden are lovely places to live. It is important for us all to look out for our neighbours and ensure we can all continue to feel safe by reporting the few who sometimes without realising it, make others feel unsafe.

Abandoned Cars & Potholes
We have reported a number of abandoned cars recently. Do let us know if there is one taking up valuable parking spaces where you are. Equally we need to keep our roads safe so do let us know of potholes you see before they become a hazard, or contact the streetsmart team directly on Tel 445501. Please be aware that the council website advises that 'No action is taken if the pothole is less than 31mm deep on a road, or less than 26mm deep on a footpath or cycleway' 

Cancelling Surgeries 
In recent months we have been seeing more residents individually away from surgeries, which people are saying they prefer.  Our surgeries meanwhile have seen fewer residents dropping in.  So we have decided to cancel these for now. Instead we are happy meet you at a time convenient for you or chat over the phone, Do get in touch.  We can be contacted:
Chris Watts Tel 07776238327  Email – cllrchriswatts@outlook.com
Derique Montaut Tel 07711556261  Email – derique.montaut@ntlworld.com
Fay Howard Tel 07952350656 Email – fayhoward@live.co.uk
Or via the Labour Group office Tel 463800