Update from your Liden, Eldene and Park South Councillors

Thank you

To everyone who took the time out to Vote on May 5th, many thanks. We are delighted to say that Fay was re-elected and will continue serving you all across Eldene and Liden as well as Park South.  Fay would like to offer her personal thanks to everyone who supported her on Election Day. She will continue to speak out seeking to protect our libraries and community assets such as Lydiard Park and Coate Water.

If anyone missed the vote, the referendum on Europe is on June 23rd so another opportunity to take up your democratic right & have your say on in or out of Europe.

Litter & Needles

Take up of individual litter collecting equipment is still high with many people picking up where the council no longer has regular groups out. With the recent issue of needles being left in our parks and public spaces, Councillor Chris Watts has undertaken the council course to be able to collect and dispose of needles safely. He will now be carrying the necessary equipment in order to prevent delay & minimise risk. Do contact Chris if you see an area of concern.

Parking considerately

Unfortunately our estates were built long before families all had one car, let alone two as many do indeed have now. Parking is a huge issue and we are aware. Whilst we are always seeking ways to improve the situation, the conservative council have just taken away the budget we would use to do so. With so many cars, can we ask that we all leave footpaths and dropped kerb crossings free when parking.  A number of concerns have been raised by families and elderly people unable to access footpaths and forced into the road as pedestrians. If you're aware of a particular concern do get in touch. We are continuing to monitor the concerns raised.

Empty Unit Morrisons

It's our understanding that the vacant unit will soon be a hairdressers.
With this gone our only hope for a post office is now a counter in Morrisons. We are once again seeking Morrisons head office approval for this. If you'd like to get involved in assisting us with this, please get in touch.

New surgery information

We're switching our Eldene surgery to an evening after requests from residents. Our new surgery times are:
1st Tuesday each month 2.30-3.30 Liden library
1st Thursday each month 6-7pm Morrison cafe, Eldene