Town Centre Tower Blocks will lead to mass parking

Labour concerned that Town Centre Tower Blocks will lead to mass parking on Eastcott’s Roads

Two planning applications to build more than 200 flats in the Town Centre, with no allotted car parking spaces, have been approved by Swindon Council’s planning committee. The two tower blocks will each be more than 10 storeys high and will tower over the Eastcott skyline.

Labour had called on Swindon Council to deliver parking provision in the tower blocks and have also opposed the fact this application was approved without any developers contributions to affordable housing.

Many people living in residents parking areas have long told your local Labour Team of the difficulty of parking near their properties and further Town Centre development without any parking provision will only make matters worse.

We believe the Conservative Council’s agenda of approving lots of residential tower blocks in the Town Centre and Eastcott area, which have no or little parking provision is unsustainable.

If Labour take control of Swindon Council after the next Local Election we would ensure all Town Centre development doesn’t negatively impact the Eastcott area.