Tory Sure-Start cuts are selling our young short

Swindon Borough Council has been accused by Swindon’s Labour Group Leader of letting down the town’s young children after proposing more than £150,000 worth of cuts to Swindon’s children’s centres. These cuts were part of the administration’s budget proposals back in November and will be on top of the £50K cut from Swindon’s Sure Start this year.

The Conservative administration’s proposals include making cuts of more than £40,000 to the Robert Le Kyng and the Penhill/Pinehurst Children’s Centres and cuts of more than £8.500 to Children’s centres in places like Freshbrook, Dorcan, Stratton and Drove Road.

These Tories proposed cuts to Swindon’s children centres will be a huge worry to families in places like Freshbrook, Dorcan, Eastcott and Penhill, whose children’s centres are receiving cuts.

SureStart is a universal service for our town’s young families and any cuts to this service are depriving families of this essential support they deserve.

Unlike Labour, who have created and defended the many excellent children’s centres across our town, the Tories do not prioritise young people.

As Labour councillors and representatives of this town, we will stand up for our children and fight this lack of investment in their future. It is a shame that the Tories both locally and nationally are not doing the same.

Tories Proposed Sure Start Cuts in 2012/13

Children’s Centres

Amount Proposed to be Cut in 2012/13



Robert Le Kyng


West Swindon








Gorse Hill






Overall Cuts Proposed for 2012/13