Tories Will Transfer Our Country Parks To The Private Sector

Swindon Council is currently in the process of transferring Lydiard Park out of council control to a private operator. What’s more, should the transfer of Lydiard be completed, Tory Councilors then intend to transfer Coate Water to a new private operator.

The Local Elections on 5th May will be your only opportunity to keep Lydiard Park and Coate Water being run by the Council and not for private profit. By the time of the next local elections in 2018 these parks would likely be run by private companies under the Conservatives.

These parks being run for private profit could mean steep parking charges and restricted access to some areas of the park, which residents wouldn’t be able to stop.

Voting Labour will be a vote to keep Lydiard and Coate Water under public control and not transferred to the private sector.