Tories 10% Council Tax Increase

Swindon’s Conservative Administration has presided over the largest local tax rises in the Country.

The average increase is 10% whilst elsewhere in the country it has been 5%. They have forced unwelcomed Parishes against peoples wills and are using these to offload services with additional taxes.

Nationally the Conservatives are threatening to cap Parishes to stop this type of abuse. These changes are a direct result of underfunding from the Conservative Government whilst they still try to blame the previous Labour government who left a national debt of £145bn. The realities the Tories have increased the debt to at least £555bn. The Conservatives are economical with the truth rather than being economically competent.

Locally the Tory Council inherited a zero debt from Labour and driven it up to around £200m. A change to a more cooperative and inclusive council/government is needed.