Time For A Fairer Deal For Toothill & Westlea Through Your New Parish

For many years Toothill has been forgotten about by Tory-run Swindon Council. There has been chronic under- investment in the area and decisions have been made for Toothill that aren't the best for the local community. While other West Swindon wards have benefitted from new amenities and play areas, Toothill has not.

Labour knows Toothill and Steph Exell has a proven track record of sticking up for local residents and representing their views. If Labour's West Swindon Parish Candidates are elected in May, your vote will help us to influence the Parish Council to invest and make decisions for the community that Toothill residents actually want.

We fear that, if the newly formed Parish Council becomes Conservative controlled then they will ignore the Toothill residents and that their "if it costs money, get rid of it" agenda would continue.

If Labour's candidates in the Parish Elections are elected we will commit to:

  • Safeguarding Community assets.
  • Extra investment in your play areas, Toothill Village Centre and community facilities.
  • Restoring Toothill Park to the way residents would like to see it, free from litter and fly-tipping with much needed investment in new equipment.

Labour will be campaigning on 3 central policies to improve our local communities:

  • Improve Local Services: Swindon Council has devolved the running of local streetsmart services to these new Parish Councils. Labour Parish Councillors would be seeking to make our neighbourhoods tidier.
  • Save our local libraries: After our community libraries were under threat of closure, Labour Parish Councillors would ensure there is the funding to keep these libraries open.
  • Keeping Community Centres Open: Labour Parish Councillors will be making sure our community centres remain open despite Tory-run Swindon Council cuts.