The Reason Why Residents Should Vote Labour on May 3rd

In the Council Elections on May the 3rd, Swindon residents will have a big decision to make about who they want to run their local Council.

The Conservatives, led by Councillor bluh, have said that if they retain control of the Council they will provide the same approach to running the council as they have done over the last 9 years. They will continue to spend your council-taxes on what they want it to be spent on, rather than what you want it spent on- like the failed Wi-Fi project which cost £400K. They will continue failing to consult you on major decisions facing your community before they’re decided- as they did with Croft, Tadpole Farm and Pickards Field. And they will continue to make promise after promise on town centre regeneration, while still delivering no significant improvements.

While Labour, under my leadership, are offering you an opportunity to have real change. If Labour take administration of the Council our approach will be based on four priorities.

  • Delivering Value For Money for Swindon’s Council-taxpayers. This means taking tough decisions to address the Council’s £100m+ debt, keeping council-taxes as low as possible and improving council services, in the face of inevitable budget cuts.
  • Protecting the vulnerable & supporting our young people. This means ensuring there are good local schools available for local people and ensuring that the care the council provides to its elderly and disabled people isn’t reduced because of budget cuts.
  • Retaining and Attracting Jobs. This means prioritising local council jobs rather than expensive consultants and working with Swindon’s major employers to attract their suppliers to Swindon.
  • And Restoring Trust in the Community. This means ensuring the Council is open and accountable for all it does and fully consulting residents before decisions that affect them are taken, not after.

If you elect Labour as the majority party on the council, my pledge to you will be that all our policies will be based on these priorities, starting from day one.

This is the type of Labour Council I am seeking to lead.  A Council working hard for our residents to ensure that any problems they have are addressed and delivering on our election priorities to drive value for money, protect the vulnerable, retain and attract jobs and restore trust in the community.

Cllr Jim Grant

Swindon Labour Group Leader