The local Community Comes together seeking to Save Parks Library

Park library is under threat of closure. Swindon Council is proposing to end funding for Park and 10 other Libraries. They are want to reduce the library service to just four, Central, West Swindon, North Swindon and Highworth.  This is under consultation until  September 30th.

The Parks &  East Walcot Community Forum is calling on the Council to include Park Library as part of the core service, with the provision of professional staff, IT and books.  As your local councillors, we have joined with them and are collecting signatures to a petition to keep Park as part of the Library service.

The social impact of closure of our Library will be disastrous. It's not only somewhere to borrow books. It's a community hub. It provides computers for people who need to go online as part of their job search. It has events for young children. It provides somewhere for children to do their homework. It has a reading group. It is a place for older people who are socially isolated to visit and meet people.

Parks has already lost a great deal of  facilities over the last ten years, including Parks Advice Point, and latterly the Children's Centre. The closure of the Library would leave very little in the way of social provision.   Park Library must be kept open. To get involved in the campaign, please get in touch.