Tackling Anti Social Behaviour and Cleaning up the Community

Litter at Lainesmead: We organised a Clean Up session for Councillors and the community to clean up our area.  I have also asked for the lane by Lainesmead to be cleaned up by the Council. 
Clean up Sussex Square: Over the summer we organised a clean up of Sussex Square as part of a day of action in the ward.  We have also arranged another clean up session during the Autumn.
Buckhurst Fields & New College: In the spring we organized a Clean Up session at Buckhurst Fields.  There was a real litter problem in the area around New College.  We met with New College  to press for action and organised a deep clean of the New College area  during the Autumn
Anti Social Behaviour: We work closely with the Neighbourhood Police Team to tackle Anti Social Behaviour, including tackling problems at Cavendish Square. Please report any anti social behaviour problems to the special number Tel 101.
If you want to join us to clean up your area email the team at mark@markdempsey.org.uk