Swindon Council instigate Country Parks Parking Charges Consultation

As a way of raising more income to pay for the maintenance and operation of Lydiard and Coate Water, Swindon Council has instigated a consultation on introducing parking charges at both of these country parks.  

Please take park in the consultation through accessing the below links:




The Labour Group Shadow Lead for Country Parks, Councillor Jim Robbins, said:

“It is regrettable that parking charges need to be introduced at Lydiard and Coate. But we think it is the right thing to introduce parking charges in order to make sure these parks require less of a subsidy from the Swindon Council-taxpayer.

We would like to see the Council give consideration to neighbouring estates and how they might be affected by the introduction of these charges, particularly at Lydiard where there are housing estates that back on to the park.

With the money the Council have said it can save from introducing parking charges at Lydiard and Coate, it is clear that these parks can pay for themselves and remain under council ownership and control. Transferring Lydiard and Coate in to private hands to be ran for profit is not the way to make these parks more sustainable”.