Swindon Borough Council Official Consultation meeting on Parishing

The Council is holding a Community Engagement session on Parishing for Walcot and Parks on Monday March 7th 09.30-13.30 at St Andrews Church Hall

You can make a submission to the Council about the parishing plans or request further information by contacting CGR@swindon.gov.uk

Please go along or email to make your views heard on this important issue.

The Conservative run Council is consulting on plans to set up Parishes in non Parished areas and transfer a number of services to the new Parishes. The services to be transferred include:

  • litter collection

  • grounds maintenance

  • street lighting

  • bus shelters

  • minor roads and pavement repairs

  • bus subsidies


Parishes raise their funds through a parish precept which is not subject to any cap.

The Labour Group believes that the introduction of new Parishes without a referendum is wrong .

The introduction of Parishes is a fundamental change in the way in which services would be managed. It has the potential to be more expensive, less efficient and lead to fragmented services across the urban area.

The introduction of Parishes would increase local taxes by as much £100 over and above the Borough Council’s own Council Tax rises.

Steve Allsopp said “ I know the Council is strapped for cash as a result of the cuts forced on Local Government by George Osborne but this is a step too far . It should not go ahead unless it has the support of local people in a referendum .“

There will be a meeting to discuss Parishing for residents of Park North Wednesday March 16th 7.00pm- 9pm at Goddard Park School