Steve Wakefield – Outlet Village Expansion Consultation

The next generation of retail outlet is about to hit Swindon, knocking the popular designer outlet into the top of the league. Whilst refurbishment and reconfiguration can keep ageing town centres in vogue with changing retailer and consumer requirements. What is planned is an expansion of the designer outlet into a venue that raises the bar above other similar venues.

There will be an expansion that rivals anything our forebears have done on the former rail works site, and the development is attracting tens of millions of pounds worth of international investment. Swindon is fortunate that confident international interest in our future is being underpinned in a way that rivals anything being done in the Southwest.

The company and its Architects and Heritage specialists are listening to people in the consultation process. They are also committed to and involving local ward councillors in this consultation process, however there are some more discussions needed about the expansion’s impact on parking in the local area and the redesign of the entrance. That said the designer outlet team are genuinely listening to people.