Say Yes to Swindon, Say Yes to Labour

The local elections are approaching fast, and give you a real choice between two competing visions for the town.  The Conservative administration have set out their plans for Swindon, which includes outsourcing Lydiard Park, Coate Water and Stanton Park to the private sector, slashing the Library budget and leaving 14 out of our 15 libraries under threat of closure, and closing Children Centre's despite the essential job that they do in developing our children, supporting parents, and helping the Borough to identify those families who need more support. They have also put forward a plan to impose parish council across the town, as a way of hiking Council Tax bills by the back door. Including general council-tax rises this will mean people’s council-taxes increasing by at least £120 in a short space of time.

The Labour plan is markedly different. Whilst recognising the need to spend our ever decreasing resources wisely, it chooses not to slash at the much needed front line services.  We would instead choose to work with the experienced and passionate supporters of Lydiard and the other country parks to ensure a sustainable future for the parks without being run for private profit. We would work with Library staff to develop a new model for their long term future, using funding available from government to ensure that the Libraries continue to offer vital services.

We would look to reverse the short-sighted decision to close children's centres that have made a tangible difference to the life chances of our young people.

We would also rebuild the Council's relationship with the community.  We know that people in the town feel that the Council's consultations and 'engagement sessions' are meaningless with decisions having already been taken and no notice taken of sensible advice.  We would look to work with the people of the town, understanding that Councillors and Council Officers have no monopoly on good ideas or valuable insight.  We want to harness the skills and experience that the people of the town have, and work with them to make Swindon into the town that it really can be. The first way that we would demonstrate this is to guarantee a referendum on the plans to create parish councils across the town, and make a commitment that no parish councils would be introduced where the residents made it clear that they weren't in favour.

We know that our plan is the best for Swindon and the best for local residents. Please support us by voting Yes to Swindon and Yes to Labour in the upcoming elections.

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