Save Our NHS – Urgent Petition to The House of Lords

On Wednesday the House of Lords makes a choice. They could wave the government’s dangerous NHS plans through to the next stage. Or they could insist on proper scrutiny and big changes to protect our health service.

It could come down to one or two votes. Together we can help tip the balance. If we show the Lords that the public want them to put Lansley’s plans under the microscope, we can convince wavering Lords to stand up to government pressure and vote the right way.

  • These changes weren’t in any manifestos and the public has never had a chance to vote on them.
  • These changes weren’t given proper scrutiny in the House of Commons so we need the House of Lords to look at them properly.

An urgent, people-powered petition can show the Lords that huge numbers of us want them to protect the NHS. Please add your name now by clicking here.