Safer Roads & Cleaner Streets

Road safety and the cleanliness of streets are key issues West Swindon residents have raised with me. Speeding traffic on the roads and dangerous parking has created a lot of unnecessary worries for residents and litter has been strewn across parts of the ward, creating a lack of pride in the area.

I will deliver the roads we need that will keep motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safe. I'm committed to:

  • 30mph speed limit across Hook Street and traffic calming on Hay Lane.
  • Reconfigure Hook Street roundabout for easier access on to Hook Street.
  • A crossing on Gainsborough Way for Millbrook Primary School children.
  • A proper road resurfacing programme to make roads fit to drive on.
  • Double yellow lines at Tyburn Close T-junction.

On West Swindon's litter problem, if elected in May I will chase the Council's officers to ensure they focus their litter picking efforts on our area. While canvassing I have already ensured the Council has picked up litter at the Park next to Grosmont Drive in Freshbrook and fly-tipping left behind a residents house in Chalgrove Field.