Rodbourne Councillor Criticises Road Works Plan

Rodbourne Councillor, Jim Robbins, has criticised Network Rail and Swindon Borough Council for their plans to close a single lane on Park Lane from Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February. This is to allow for Network Rail to dismantle a wall safely, as part of their work to electrify the Great Western Rail Line.

A three way traffic light system will also be in place to enable safe entry and exit from the South East of Rodbourne Road by construction traffic from Monday 29 February, 2016 to Wednesday 25 May, 2016.

Network Rail have leased an area of land (SN1 5EL) situated opposite the Army Reserve Centre on Park Lane, behind Dean Street. They intend to use this space as a base for office staff and as a material laydown area for construction activities taking place on the railway as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan. It is necessary for the wall to be dismantled by Network Rail in order to gain access the leased area of land.

Mannington & Western Ward Councillor, Jim Robbins, said:

“With the traffic still snarled up in Rodbourne because of the never ending Bruce Street Bridges works, there's no way we should have a lane shut on Park Lane whilst people are using it as the main alternative way out of Rodbourne.

It seems strange that Network Rail are proposing this while they still haven’t finished opening the bridge at Greenbridge, perhaps they should spend their time finishing this rather than creating further traffic headaches for Swindon commuters.

Given that he has been described as ‘Captain Chaos’ in the past due to his roadworks decisions, I’m also surprised the Cabinet Member for Highways has permitted these set of road works at this time.

Rodbourne residents and workers in Rodbourne have suffered too much for Network Rail and Swindon Council to agree to added road works misery. I would urge Network Rail to postpone these works until after Bruce Street Bridges has been completed and if they are unwilling to agree, then ‘Captain Chaos’ needs to step in.”