Petition Presented to reinstate Lollipop person at Hazelwood Academy

Mannington & Western Councillor, Steph Exell, was joined by representatives of Hazelwood Academy to present a petition to the Swindon Mayor, Eric Shaw, to reinstate a school crossing patrol officer at the school.

Hazelwood Academy contacted Mannington & Western’s Councillors about the council withdrawing the school’s lollipop person (school crossing patrol officer), the school and parents have called for this person to be reinstated as it became dangerous for young pupils to cross the road. Following this communication Mannington Western Councillor, Steph Exell, started a petition attracting 429 signatures for the lollipop person to be reinstated. The petition reads:

“We, the undersigned, call on Swindon Borough Council to reinstate the crossing patrol officer for Hazelwood Academy, to keep pupils safe in their journey to school.”

Now this petition has been submitted to Swindon Council, it will be debated at the next Full Council Meeting on 6th April.

Mannington & Western Councillor, Steph Exell, said:

"Hazelwood Academy requested assistance from the Mannington & Western ward councillors to have their School Crossing Patrol Officer (lollipop person) reinstated.

I became the petition organiser on behalf of the school and between the school, local councillors, the Toothill Community Centre and the support of local community groups we have collected well over 400 signatures in a week.  The community have shown overwhelming support for the petition.  Local residents are adamant that council cuts to road safety staff are a step too far.  They want to see their lollipop person back on duty straightaway to help pupils travel to and from the school safely.

The clear support for the petition has ensured that this issue will be debated at the next Council meeting in April.”