Open Letter to Robert Buckland MP

Dear South Swindon constituents,

one of the most important ways to make your MP know how you feel about the issues of the day is to write to them. If you feel as angry as we do about the poor behaviour in Downing Street, please consider writing to, including your personal experience of lockdown.

Dear Robert Buckland MP,

As a constituent, I wanted to register my anger and disappointment with the Prime Minister and his refusal to resign despite breaking the law that he made and receiving his fixed penalty notice.

It appears that this is only the first of a number of FPNs that he could receive, each one dealing a blow to both his reputation and integrity, but also damaging the country’s reputation.

Since he took office, Mr Johnson has had a cavalier approach to the rules and clearly believes that laws and rules only apply to other people and not to him.

As a former Justice Secretary, and a man who took an oath to uphold the Rule of Law, I don’t understand how you haven’t come out and criticized the Prime Minister and called for him to resign.

How can Great Britain be a country where the Prime Minister can break the laws that he wrote and stood up on TV night after night asking us to obey? Morally, politically and constitutionally, that can’t be allowed to happen.

The parade of shameful excuses that Conservative MPs have given in interviews since are unacceptable: 

The Prime Minister didn’t think he was breaking the law.

It’s all in the past.

He only broke the rules for a few minutes.

His job is very important.

There is a war on in another country.

Could you, with your years of legal experience and knowledge, tell me if any of those are a defence that would work in court?

Please will you stand up for the Country rather than your party and send in a letter of no-confidence to the 1922 committee?