Parking Issues in Welton Road

Local residents attended meetings of the Westlea Residents’ Association (WRA) and the West Swindon Locality in November to express concerns about the parking issues in Welton Road, which have been exacerbated by the arrival of Oxford Brookes University (OBU) at Delta 900 in September 2016.  At the peak of the problems, WRA reported that there were 174 cars and 3 commercial vehicles (including a large car transporter) parked on Welton Road.  There were also concerns expressed about the new drive-through restaurant at Delta 100 and new residential accommodation being created in local office space through the government’s prior approval scheme.

These factors are all contributing to anxiety about an increase in traffic and parking deficiencies in Welton Road and the wider area.  This is having a detrimental impact on the amenity of Westlea residents.

OBU have postponed a meeting, planned for 13th January, as their Oxford parking staff are unable to attend.  A new scheme is being rolled out across all OBU’s campuses to charge for parking and new equipment is currently being installed.  We understand that there will be daily parking charges.  Students at the Delta 900 are due to arrive back in February after a break from November.  It appears that the parking staff have implemented the new scheme on their local knowledge of Oxford, where there are enhanced public transport links and services.