Parishing Proposals Must Go To A Referendum

Swindon Council are proposing to parish all of West Swindon and all other currently non-parished parts of the borough. A range of local services are planned to be delivered by this new Parish Council. In addition to an announced 4% council-tax rise from the Borough Council for 2015/2016, new parish precepts will lead to a rise in your council-tax bills of £120. Labour demands a referendum on these proposals which are designed to prevent Tory Councillors being blamed for large council-tax increases. Taxpayers will simply end up PAYING MORE FOR LESS.

Parish Proposal Public Meeting – Wednesday 24th February

For residents interested in learning more about the reasons why the Council propose to parish West Swindon, and the resulting questions, there will be a public meeting on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at 7.15pm at Freshbrook Community Centre off Worsley Road. The meeting will be chaired by a West Swindon Councillor and will give you the chance to ask local councillors and candidates their views on these proposals.