Open Spaces Under Threat in Lydiard & Freshbrook

Cindy, Ged and Jamal are concerned about the Conservatives building on Swindon’s green spaces. As well as the controversial developments at Croft School in Old Town and the Tories support for building on the former allotment site at Pickard’s Field in Gorse Hill, they are building locally on the Windmill Hill site and land along Gainsborough Way.

The Localism bill, which tilts planning in favour of development may bring back applications north of Hay Lane. Labour is opposed to this and is taking a petition to the next full Council to ensure we keep our officially designated open spaces.

Proposals are under discussion for house building off Gainsborough Way on the old playground site in front of Cottington Close and Crawford Close. This is currently a piece of open amenity land for the residents which will be lost if it is built on.

There are also planning applications progressing for mobile telephone masts across West Swindon which are causing concerns that Cindy, Ged and Jamal are taking forward on your behalf.